WholeLottaSinger is the podcast about vintage sewing machines, the history of quilts and the amazing women that made them.


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  1. hi there
    i just finished listening to your two episodes that are posted and they are wonderful. between the sound quality (which is excellent by the way), the content is very interesting. i really enjoyed the music in the second episode, but i will try to be open-minded and keep trying to listen to all the music you choose.
    its funny, we both live in massachusetts and have “old” singers – mine are a featherweight (that i never use – need to pull it our and give it another shot), and three singer 99’s – two are from the 20’s and one from later (30’s maybe) the 30’s one has a knee bar and original bentwood case, one has no case yet ( will start looking on ebay for one) and the other has one of the brown and tan cases (i don’t know if its original to that machine)….so anyway keep up the excellent work….i am loving listening to you.

  2. I cant tell you how pea green with envy I am over your Royal and the 2 spool. Id kill for a 2 spool.
    Always nice to find fellow sewing machine fanatics!

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