PR: Birdie Sling Bag by Amy Butler

Cute Birdie!

I had intended to write a pattern review for the Birdie Sling bag, and had taken the pictures a few weeks before I got sick… I don’t remember all of the points I wanted to talk about, but there are a few that stuck with me and I feel are valid enough to share. When my local quilt shop offered a one day class on the Birdie I did some research online and found a bit of mixed opinions. Although in general people seemed very satisfied with the final product, not everyone agreed on the degree of difficulty, and on how clear the instructions really are. I typically read through the instructions prior to class, and I try to prep as much as I can, but my schedule that week did not allow for that, so I got to the class without even opening the pattern. I’m not sure if I had taken the time to carefully read the instructions my feelings at the class would have been different, but I have to say that this is not a pattern for a beginner in my opinion. There are a lot of steps, and preparation even before you sew a single stitch. At the end of the cutting stage you end up with quite a few pieces because you cut not only the fabrics, but a  lot of interfacing. I felt really lucky to be in that class… 

Details count: the magnetic closer

 If I were to make another one (and I plan on it, I actually bought the fabric shortly after the class), I would label all the pieces very carefully. Make sure to check Amy’s website for any corrections on the pattern (or any patter for that matter), and I think I would try to make one without so much interfacing in the handle, it does feel a bit stiff. I do love the size (and the two very generous pockets inside), although some people think it’s too big. Being the Bag Lady that I am, I think it’s just perfect! For this project I used my Viking 6440, and I definitely recommend a machine with free arm. 

Be careful when making the pleats. Position them symmetrically.