Win a TeaTimesCreations Stand!

I’m very excited that this stand is the incentive for listeners of Craftlit that donate during the months of September and October. CraftLit: A Podcast for Crafters Who Love Books is an amazing podcast produced my Heather Ordover. If you took a listen to episode one of my podcast you probably know about Craftlit already. In Heather’s own words think “books on tape with benefits”. Heather is a knitter, writer, producer, author, super creative person that many years ago came up with the great idea of combining great literature with crafty talk. The show features audio books like “Little Women”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “Frankenstein”, “The Scarlet Letter”, and many other great classics of all times. The caveat is that she cleverly (and quite accessibly) dissects the story, giving us a master class in literature each show. There is plenty of feedback and discussion from the audience too. Like I always say it is a very intelligent show that attracts very intelligent listeners.

 She’ll be featuring next one of my most favorite books of all times “Dracula”, by Bram Stoker, so if you’re new to Craftlit this is a awesome way to start “test driving the concept. In her site you’ll also find an extensive library of past shows, conveniently indexed for your listening pleasure. Donate any amount to help offset the costs of producing the show between the months of September and October, and you’ll have a chance to win this (if I may say so myself) beautiful TTC stand.

 While you’re at it, and if you’re a knitter, take some time to learn about her latest venture, the book What Would Madame Defarge Knit?. Grab the book, some yarn and knitting needles, and set up a true English tea party with stands from the Etsy store!


Busy weekends…

Wow, the past couple of weekends where really crazy! I started to feel funky by Tuesday night, and by Wednesday I knew I had a cold. My son also had a stomach bug that prevented him from going to day care. So both of us stayed home Thursday and Friday. The main difference is that despite his diarrhea, he was his same old self, super energetic and non-stop busy-bee… mom on the other hand could barely stand up! My husband could not stay home either day, so I had to manage the best I could. The tough thing is that it’s been ridiculously cold in New England (I guess around the country), so I could not take him outside for him to burn energy. We could not go too far from the house because of his tummy issues, and I would not drive the way I was. AND the boy is the outdoorsy type, I mean he wants to be out and about all the time!

So by Saturday I was pretty beat up, but a bit better from the cold. We went grocery shopping in the morning, and early afternoon I had a meeting at my local quilt shop for a block of the month program called “The Queen and Her Court.” They are offering two colorways, floral and batik.

The session lasts about one and a half hours, we get to see new fabrics, news from the shop, show and tell, and a raffle. It was very nice, despite the fact that all I wanted was to lay down. I decided for the “floral” colorway, although I am extremely tempted to make the batik also. The program for the block itself it very reasonable (25 to join, then free if you complete the block and show up for the monthly meeting.) The quilt is pretty big too, 96″x108″. The finishing kits range from 133 to 145 dollars, and although reasonably priced for the amount of fabric I know that I will make the Civil War Tribute quilt, and I’m also enrolled on the “Buck-a-block” program… It’s very easy to get carried away with so many beautiful fabrics and designs waiting, but I do like finishing things, so I think I’ll stick to the plan. I also learned that they collect blocks for charity quilts, very easy nine patches the work out to be 12.5″ unfinished, so when I went home I manage to finish 3 of them. A lot more will come.

I spent the rest of the day doing  house chores, because I knew I would have to work on Sunday. You see, I have been crazy busy at work. My project is under construction, and it is at a very fast pace. I have been up to my eyeballs everyday just to keep my nose above the water. I had a ton of emails waiting for me, and the thought of having my Monday spent doing filing, and reading emails was depressing. Besides my little one woke up 6:30 that morning already asking to go out. The nail in the coffin was a beautiful Wheeler and Wilson model 8 waiting for me in Newburyport, a quaint coastal town about 50 minutes from Boston…

She was on the third floor on this house that has seen 4 generations of the family. The grandmother had just passed, and the daughters were doing inventory on the house. The machine is pretty dirty, but it is only dust (please disregard the mess in my kitchen.) One can see it was loved, and they told me she made a lot of quilts. The cabinet is also in good shape, although one drawer, and the drawer’s bottoms are missing. They also have some unfinished quilt tops, and they asked me if I could finish them!

As far as working on the next podcast, I am back to writing a lot of material. Recording time has really been the issue, not to mention that because of my cold I have no voice now… Last weekend was taken by the cake I made for my niece’s third birthday. I love baking, and cake decorating, and a few years ago I taught myself how to use (and make) fondant. It took me 9 hours to complete, and on Sunday we spend the day with her in Boston.

 It’s made with 3 layers of yellow cake, and one layer of coconut ganache, and one layer of passion fruit mousse (my own recipe!). I’ve made all 3 cakes she had in life so far, and the bear you see beside the cake was the topper of her first cake that my sister-in-law kept frozen all this time!  I keep a little “gallery” in my Webshots if you want to check them out.

In the middle of all this I manage to start a scarf to use the beautiful hand-spun yarn from Under the Plum that I won from Craftlit months ago. The lace pattern is from the “Woodland Shawl“, a free pattern I saw on Ravelry, and generously provided by Nikol Lohr, AKA Thrifty Knitter.

I’ve only knit for a couple of hours, but this thing is so quick I am almost done. The lace is beautiful, but very easy and I had it memorized in the 3rd repeat. Like all lacework it’s going to need some mighty blocking, but I’m very pleased with the way it’s turning out!

So I’ve kept busy the past couple of weeks, and I have several posts on pattern review on the way, and I will be launching podcast 3 soon. I can feel my mojo coming back! YAY!

I won! And back to blogging…

When I started the blog I thought it would only be a place to post the podcast. But I don’t talk about my projects and FO’s on the show, first because there’s no time, second because that was not the format I had in mind. So I think blogging is the way to go. I have soooo much to share both in the sewing machine front, and the quilting (and some knitting), and my web adventures I’ll try to catch up in the upcoming posts. I want to review some of the patterns and techniques I experience with, and talk about the best machines for the job.

So yesterday I learned that I WON (do a happy dance) the Accent Wars competition in QN. Well, I had a tie for first place for best accent, but won for prettiest voice! I had a good laugh about it, I don’t think my voice is pretty at all, but getting bragging rights from a QN competition??? Priceless!

Work is going great for episode 3, and I’m waiting for a few interview requests. I also want to start developing the vintage machine portion of the show, and still deciding the best way to do it. Comments have been very helpful, so please keep them coming, as well as topics one want to hear on the show. 

The only sad thing is that summer is comming to a end. We’ve been cheated this season here in New England, although my family and I enjoyed tremendously visiting many wonderful sites in the area.

Kaiden and ducks

There’s a lot of beauty around here, and Kaiden got to experience a great deal of it. Next summer he’ll have even more things available to him since he’ll be (gasp) 3 year old! I just need to learn to like winter activities so that I can survive the cold with a toddler that is totally an outdoor type of person. Any suggestions?

WholeLottaSinger Podcast Episode 2

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Today I’ll say many thanks, talk schedule, and we’ll have part one of Dr. Kimberly Wulfert’s interview.
Many thanks to Bean Pickers Union for ‘Photograph’

Silencio for ‘Fim da Vida’ and ‘Desire’

Soundtrack by Ricardo Botticelli

Check out Antique Quilt Dating, Quilters Spirit and Women On Quilts

Womenfolk by Judy Breneman

WholeLottaSinger Podcast Episode 1

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Today I’ll talk… a lot… too many ideas, so please bear with me.

Many thanks to my dear husband for all the patience teaching me how to edit audio (hard stuff!)

Thanks to:

Silencio for “Fim da vida”  and “Desire”

Melt for “Comfortable”

Ricardo Botticelli (you can find him on Facebook) for “Eternal Youth”

For generously allowing me to share their amazing songs with all of you.


QN  By the Shore of the Ganges

For the ITunes link go here.

Episode one is done! Well, sort of…

I finished all the editing last night.

I’m writing show notes.

I haven’t slept more than 3 hours this week preparing for Friday to meet the deadline I imposed on myself.

I’m a bit scared… but it seems a bit late for that now…

Podcast Promo is out and another Zoo!

The promo for the blog is finally out there. Brye Lynn from Sew Stitch Create (and thank you much) was the first one to play it. I will release it on the 31st of July, and I failed to mention that when I sent the file… This whole podcasting thing is tough. I keep re-recording things because it never seems good enough, so I gave myself a deadline so I have to force myself to finish. I know it will never be perfect, but at least I want the piece of mind I tried my best. So if anyone stops by looking for a podcast, please bear with me, it is coming!

I you’re in the New England area and have kids, specially small ones I know what a challenge it is to find nice places that are family friendly and interesting enough for both children and adults. So I have been doing some online research and found some great places already. On Saturday I took my son the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro. I read a review saying that although small they more than compensate for it with a nice selection of animals and very nice set ups for the displays. This review was super accurate. The place is absolutely gorgeous, with scenic views that include a little lake with two little islands (one on each side) where you walk though a  bridge to see the animals. They were not caged (well they have the water), and ducks swimming.


A  cool thing is that they have feeding stations where for a quarter you get a hand full of food that are appropriate for the animals. For the petting zoo they had not one, but two llamas! As a knitter I was beyond myself with excitement.P1010045


All of their animals look so pretty and clean and healthy, and interestingly enough out of all the cages there was only one that smelled like a zoo. There was no bad odors anywhere! The cages looked like were designed by an interior decorator and a landscaper (which I’m sure they were). The place is sponsored by Coca-Cola and McDonalds, which explains how they are able to keep the place so well charging only 5.50 for adults (3.75 if you’re a resident) and around 3 bucks for kids. For a family of 4 or 5 (or bigger) a lot more palatable than the almost 20 bucks you have to pay in places in Boston. They also have a nice water park area for the kids to cool down, although my son had no desire of getting wet…