Coming back

It feels like a long time, but when I put in perspective 3 and a half months have gone really fast, and for most of it I was definitely not in my prime… Physically I can say I am 99% ok, and expect to be 100% in about a year or so. Emotionally, for my own surprise and dismay, I did not do so well. There are feelings that have been hard to shake/dismiss, and although I hate to dwell in the past I cannot deny myself the grief for what I went through.

On the other hand I’m ready to move on. I’ve been quilting a lot. First with my mom’s help, and just a few stitches a day. It took a while for me to be able to even carry my “sewing room”( as I call my sewing bag) to work. So I worked on little things, that brought instant gratification. Over the holidays I gave myself the deadline to finish the kid’s quilts (for many reasons), and I could not be happier. I not only finished the “Name Game” quilts, but I made my son a “Thomas & Friends” nap time quilt to stay at his daycare.

The Thomas quilt

I love making things for kids, and to see their reactions when they receive the gift. My son is very possessive of his blankies. One of his teachers told me that typically he does not go down for nap time too easily, but when he saw his new blankie he shouted “Kaiden’s blankie”, and happily laid down to sleep. I could not imagine a better incentive to make him many more…

On Friday I finished my “Calendar Quilt” quilt top, a pattern from Willowberry Lane. I was really behind on this BOM because of my illness, but eventually I did catch up, and now it feels like it went way too fast.  I will certainly be posting pictures, and a pattern review next week. I also have many other projects I’d love to share and review. I got a few machines up and running, and I got started on others that need TLC.

In the upcoming weeks I plan on developing the vintage sewing machine portion of the blog, and I’m planning that episode 4 will be dedicated on the subject of the basics when considering purchasing a vintage sewing machine. Podcast 3 is halfway done, and I’ll let everyone know when I have a date for release. Things have been hectic at work, and my little one has not been napping on the weekends, so recording time has been a challenge.

Soooo, slowly, but surely I’m trying to come back. Once again many thanks to those that stuck around, to the many good wishes and support. It means EVERYTHING!