You can find all published podcasts here. You can find the shownotes on the site by scrolling down or doing a search!


3 Responses

  1. Very much enjoy your podcast. Thank you for promoting sewing and other hand works…and the machines which make the work so enjoyable.

  2. I enjoyed your first two podcasts very much…..I have and use several vintage Singers (8 in total)….will you be adding podcasts…..if not, I can understand….I have four grown children-three of whom were active, hard to keep up with boys….I thought the interview on the second show was quite informative without being boring…..

  3. After listening to your first podcast, I was inspired for many reasons. The main reason is that I love the process as much or more than the finished project too. I have a Bernina that does everything, and it is fun to use. However, I also own four Singer Featherweights that have been stored for many years (saving them for my four granddaughters). I now plan to have them serviced so I can get back to basics – when sewing meant more time stitching, less time taking classes and reading manuals! Thank you so much.

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