The Orchard…The Lost Post!

While doing some cleaning up on the posts I noticed I had two on the orchard… this is the one I started writing and thought I had lost… it ended up as a draft! So here it goes with the links for the info I’m using to build the orchard. The picture of the cherry trees is really damaged… I will take some some over the weekend.


Well, what will hopefully be one in the future… This is one of my columnar apples full of what could have been baby apples:

My columnar apple tree

This is one of two I bought at the end of fall last year. I am very lucky to live about 15 minutes from one of the best nurseries in New England, Weston Nurseries. All of the fruit trees were 50% off, so I got my two columnars and hoped for the best that they would survive the winter. They were in a corner of my backyard. We had so much snow that I could only see the tip of the taller one (about 6 feet tall), while the littel one about 5 feet) was completely buried…

To my relief not only they both survived, but they are thriving! I will not allow fruit to develop, as I want them to use all of their energy into establishing themselves.

I also got a series of bare root trees from Raintree Nursery online. They were supposed to be dormant, bu I got them full of leaves, and the cherries and Centennial Crabapple flowered! I am doing the high density planting experiment, carefully explained in the Dave Wilson Nursery.  I have 3 tart cherry trees in one hole! I need to clean up the growth on the rootstock portion of one of the trees, but in general they look amazing!


The Orchard

I had written a big post with photos and details, but WordPress decided to crash and I lost all of it… So for now the pictures of one of my columnar apples. I need better photos of my three tart cherries planted in the high density planting style: