Love is in the air…

I know I’ve been out for a long time again… this time though is all about wonderful things. The biggest of it is our new home! We moved out on June 26th, and hosted the 4th of July barbecue in our backyard. We still walking through piles of boxes, did not have hot water until yesterday (new heater =  2000 dollars!), but we could not be happier. My little one and his cousin have been enjoying every second of summer in our backyard.

Is this the picture of summer or what?


My husband and I are trying to finish the family room in the basement. We removed the old carpet AND the original linoleum floor (very messy job), put new subfloor, and new engineered hardwood. I’ll have my computer and podcasting equipment set up in there, so I’m very hopeful that podcasting will be a lot easier. I’ll post before and after pictures once we’re done.

New house, new hair for me also. I’ve let my hair grow since I moved to this country in 1998. Up to then I’ve always kept it very short, actually shaved in the back military style! It was taking way too long to care for it, and I was tired of my looks. So I’ve donated it to Locks of Love, a wonderful charity that provides hair pieces for kids suffering from long-term hair loss. If you feel like it’s time for a change in looks also, and have some length of hair to spare, please check them out. For a hair piece they need a minimum of 10 inches, but they take shorter hair also, and they sell them to help offset costs.



Ready, set, cut!

All done!

I’m doing great with my hand pieced Civil War Tribute, I brought new machines into the family, and I can’t wait to set up all my treadles. I hope all of you are also having a wonderful summer. I’ll be in touch with a new podcast soon!