Tea Times Creations on Wonderbliss

Walpole is home to one of the most enchanting places in Massachusetts, Fancy That! Shoppe. This the home of a fantastic collection of vintage crockery, silverware, pink goblets and more available for rental. It is also a boutique with one-of-a-kind gift items ranging from high end tea, vintage china, jewelry and furnishings. They also carry my stands, and I have done some custom drilling for the owner Sarah.


The other day Cara Brostrom, from Wonderbliss Wedding Photography, stopped by for a magical session that wonderfully captured the elegant beauty of what Fancy That! has to offer. Amongst the gorgeous set up of pink goblets, silverware and vintage plates and teacups, one of Tea Times Creations stands stood as the perfect complement for the romantic tablescape designed by Sarah. Cara was generous enough to allow me to post her beautiful picture on my blog, and like a proud mamma my heart beats faster when I look at this picture!


I just love polka dot china!



For the complete spread of vintage goodness go to the Wonderbliss page to check it out! If you live in the area you have to stop by the Shoppe for a unique shopping experience that feels like going back in time…


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