Earthquakes? Hurricanes? Do I really live in New England?

It was indeed a surreal experience. For a Californian this was probably something not even worth mentioning, but when you live in the east coast, specifically in New England which does not get its share of natural disasters other parts of the country get (blessed be the Lord for that), what we all experienced in the begining of the week is (hopefully) a one in a lifetime experience. I first noticed my chair shaking, which led me to believe a co-worker was messing with me, until I looked over my computer screen and could see the columuns swaying back back and fro…

Then today we faced Irene… My husband and I spent many hours on Friday cutting down the branches from the neighbor’s crabapple tree that have been resting on our power lines since we moved to this house. The city does not take responsibility, and the electric company never showed up. Very carefully we trimmed away a good chunck of tree, and was able to gather 3 buckets full of crabapple to make jelly! This will be my next post, a fun study on crabapple jely making.

I hope that all of you in the path of Irene are safe and sound. My heart was aching for the little boy killed when a tree struck his house. I had just read the news when I hear a crashing sound in my backyard. One of the neighbor’s giant pine tree came crashing into my yard. It took the center of my beautiful tree, my 2 columnar apples I blogged about a while ago, my 2 crabapple trees, and our bird bath… I’m not sure how much of the cherry trees where affected yet. Still I was very grateful that only the trees were hit and not our home. I’ll miss the beauty of my big tree, now in the shape of a “V”, but all of my family is fine, thanks be to God.

It was a scary sound...

Four of my fruit trees are under the branches

My tree used to be so gorgeous...


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