Living on a Prayer…

I have been out for a very good reason.  A few weeks ago my Pastor casually mentioned that she was thinking about reviving the Prayer Shawl Ministry in our church. Immediately my mom and started working on shawls to fit that purpose… When I was around 5 years old a neighbor started to teach my mom how to crochet. She taught her the very basic chain stitch, single and double crochets and how to apply it to a very simple triangular shawl. That winter I recall my mom crocheting 3 of them. I have very fond memories of my mom working on the shawl, while at the same time I worked on attaching the fringes. I’ve always been very interested in crafts, and my mom always found a way to allow me to participate and help her. She never let me feel that my participation was an interruption of her crafting moments. Rather I’ve always felt that she appreciated my interest in what she was doing, and in doing so my love of crafts only grew with time. So at 5 she also taught me the very basics she had learned.

 I really did not take to the craft tough, and knitting quickly became my main activity about a year after the crochet episode. But the shawls gave me enough knowledge that I could use it to add small details to finish my knitted pieces. Crochet always bought back the happy memories of me working at my mother’s feet, and the wonderful sense of accomplishment a child gets “helping’ her parents. So when the idea of a Prayer Shawl was put in front of me crochet, not knitting, was my first choice. I pulled my crochet hooks and both mom and I started trying to remember the pattern. As I started to chain and create what I call “little bricks” of double crochet and spaces it felt like time had not passed at all.

The shawls were displayed to the congregation

We have completed 7 so far. Mom has made 5… She is one of the most prolific crafters I know once she becomes interested in something. I will write the pattern, which will be offered on the blog and at my church’s webiste.

The blue one has found a home with a wonderful lady It is a privilege to make them...


It is a privilege to make them...


2 Responses

  1. What a blessing to give such a gift. Those who recieve shawls are wrapped in prayer. Thank you for responding to Gods call to reach out to others in such a loving way.

  2. My church recently revived their prayer shawl ministry. So far we’ve met three times and have completed six shawls/lap blankets. One was given to a church member in hospice care and we received a sweet thank-you note from her family after she passed away. I just started a new shawl tonight. I feel so blessed that I can help others in this way.

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