What a weekend!

Oh my what a busy, and blessed weekend that was! I’m glad I was able to Saturday morning for myself, even though it was due to my time faux pas! After my son woke up we all had breakfast and my mom and I headed to the Common to meet a friend and her two boys so that they could play with Kaiden in the Carnival. It always amazes me the amount of rides they are able to have in one relatively small place. We got Kaiden a wrist band that allowed him to go in all the rides as many times as he wanted. The kid is fearless… His favorite ones are the “extreme” ones with lots of twists and turns. He still has the height limitation in the more potentially dangerous ones (thanks be to God for that), but in general there was plenty for him to do. The “Dragon” ride, a kids version of a roller coaster, was one of his favorites!


His face says it all...

 I went back at 7 (the PM seven this time) to help in the church booth and I had a blast. I could never imagine how popular pretzels are. I was in charge of stocking the pretzel machine, and I did not have more than a minute of idle time while there. The night went by so fast, and I had so much fun that I signed up to work on Monday also, from 11 to 2. In general I was able to do a little bit of everything, including a lot of work for the store. I have been working on a line of custom bases for a long time, something I could make from repurposed materials, but that the engineering could be reproduced over and over in different scenarios since I’m never sure I will find the same piece again. I’m finally there, and should be listing my new creations soon! I hope you guys also had a wonderful long weekend!


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