Early morning and getting the time right…

I’ve a had super productive day so far, and it’s only 8:30 am. I signed up to volunteer at my church’s booth at our city Commons for the 4th of July celebrations. I picked the time from 7 to 10… Being Brazilian, I was raised on the 24 hour system, and it absolutely baffles me that 13 years later I still mess up the am/pm thing. I got up at 6:20, got dressed, ate something and left. Everything in the Common and at my church was quiet. Then it hit me that I probably signed up for the 7-10 PM spot… Oh well, can’t waste a quiet morning when everyone else in the house, including the little man, is still asleep!

I dropped off a couple orders in the mail, came back home and took a lot of pictures of the latest items I’ve drilled, and some of the vintage china I plan on listing on the Etsy shop. I was also able to redo a the photographs for a couple of items that I was not happy with. AND I included some of the cutest crocheted cupcakes Jean from QuiltedCupcake made for me as a custom order. I’ve also done a lot of work organizing the store, my files and now I write this post. Can’t wait for the rest of the day! Have a wonderful day yourself!

Just adorable!I just love the 50's vibe of this one!

I love the off center hole, you can place a big cupcake!


2 Responses

  1. The off-center hole is such a good idea. It’s easier to see what’s on the bottom plate. When I first moved to Europe it was difficult to learn the 24 hour system. I was always subtracting 12 from the time. Now I so seldom use am/pm that I always think ‘a’ comes before ‘p’ like morning comes before afternoon.

    • Hi Shirley! Thank you for your comment! I really like the off center stands also, and hope to make some more of those. Good job on the podcast, you do beautiful work with your fiber!

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