The Weekend Party (and drama!)

I have not posted the results of my freezer jam experiment because my Friday and weekend were completely absorbed by something really important, my son’s 4th birthday party! This was the first real party he’s had, so he was beyond excited. Last year we were under piles of boxes because of the move, and had no energy (and no money) to have anything but a small cake and only family. But of course Murphy’s law being one true fact of life,  displayed itself in all its glory this time around… The party had already been reschedule due to the weather. New England, as most of the country, has been hit hard with heavy rain. Thank God nothing as serious as in many parts of the country, but certainly enough to dampen, no pun intended, any plans for a backyard party. We had lost about half of our guests with the rescheduling, but as the days grew closer to the new date the weather just kept getting worse. The really annoying thing is that it’s almost the end of June, and we’re talking about not only rain, but also really chilly weather. We’ve been having lows 50’s at night!

What says "PARTY" better than a 15' moonwalk?

It poured all night long on Friday, and until around 7:30 Saturday morning. My husband, my mom, my MIL and I were beyond panicking at that point. I went off to get the cake and the food, and they stayed home waiting for the moonwalk and the food machines. When I get to the bakery I realized the woman put the wrong order, so we got the wrong cake… Of course my son loved it anyway, he has no idea about the original plan. But I paid for a Thomas 3D cake, made with fondant, and got a buttercream, plain sheet cake style with some, pardon my language here, stupid decor. What breaks my heart and makes me angry is knowing that the bakery was equipped to make the cake I wanted, and (even bitter to me) I could have made the cake I wanted.

On top of everything the food machines arrived in the filthiest condition possible… The popcorn machine looked like the glass was yellow and not clear. The hot dog steamer was even worse, and I dare not describe it. The shaved ice was OK, but of course it got a major scrubbing from us. It took almost 3 hours to clean everything. Needless to say we will never use this company again.

The big hit with the kids: the chocolate fountain!

 In the end though the weather turned out just perfect. It was not too hot, and we had sunshine and blue sky! All of the kids and their parents enjoyed themselves, and we enjoyed spending time with good friends and family. Despite all, I am looking forward to having another party next year! My friend Diane was talking to my son and she comes to me smiling telling me that he said “My mom made me the perfect party!” What else could I hope for?

 As for the freezer jam, I do want to post a quick, but proper review this week. AND… I was also able to take a bunch of pictures for the Etsy store, and just listed this one this morning!

I love this one... then again, I love them all!


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