WholeLottaSinger Podcast Episode 3

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I’m finally back! In this episode we have a very special quilt and Story Time, the notion of “legacy”, and part 2 of the interview with Dr. Kimberly Wulfert. Complete show notes at https://wholelottasinger.wordpress.com/

Many thanks to Brenda Dayne from Cast On, to Kim Burke and  Seven Sunless Days,  Dr. Kimberly Wulfert, Delaine Gately, and Mattie’s family.

Soundtrack by Ricardo Botticelli, Silencio, Seven Sunless Days.

Just beautiful!


8 Responses

  1. Welcome back. Your recent challenges have lent an emotional and spiritual depth to your words and I’m please you made it through with such success. I like the idea of a legacy, and have remembered to include my quilts in my will so there is no mistaking who gets which one, or that they are to be passed on to my granchildren.

    Peace to you and your family, Deb

  2. I’m glad you’re back, (I just found your podcast). I’m glad you are better! I enjoyed episode 3. Thanks for sharing the story! The quilt is stunning.

    To me, a legacy is more of the impression you leave, then maybe the actual physical item. If none of my quilts survive, I want myself, and the mother I am to my children to be the real impression I leave to them.

  3. Welcome back. I hope you’re feeling better.

    I too like the concept of legacy. In my spiritual practice we discuss the difference between lineage – that which you inherit and legacy – that which you consciously create. I love to focus on legacy and look to the treasures of my lineage which inform my creative process.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

  4. I really enjoyed the podcast, and I’m so glad you mentioned Cast On, because now I have another podcast to enjoy!

  5. HELLO,

    I am new to downloading as I do not have a iPOD. I usually download the MP3 files then burn a cD to play on my way to work. I can listen to your pod cast on my computer but have not been able to burn them to the disc because they are too long ( nothing over 80 minutes will burn. Can you make your podcast shorter, I think you will reach a larger audience.

    So far I like what I am hearing, keep up the good work.
    Love your voice.

  6. I am enjoying your podcast immensely. Your voice is lovely, I love your accent ( It reminds me of my mother’s who lived in this country 50 years, but you could still hear Italy in her voice.) Your podcast are well produced and very polished.

    I was able to down load your pod casts with a little help from my newphew, so I could burn them to disc and listen to them on my drive to work.

    As I was listening I realized you are very computer savy. I am hoping someday in the future you will add a pod cast on the steps of how to podcast, naming all the equipment you use, software you use ( and where to buy it) where and how you upload the podcast so we can here. The steps needed to get the pod cast from recording to the blog. I know several others have posted similar but I find I learn from everyone and the way one person pod cast might not be the way another person does it.

    I think that is one reason there are not more quilting podcaster…. THE TECHNOLOGY SCARES THEM.

    Just an idea but I hope you will think about it.

    Lady Rags

  7. I have enjoyed listening to your podcast. Looking forward to your next episode.
    I have a Vintage 1940 Singer in its original maple cabinet. I just need to order a bobbin case and I should be ready to sew.

  8. Marceli,

    I loved everything that I read, the photos and what I heard.
    God knows what he makes, and you still came back stronger.
    Much joy with its family in its new full pretty home and of life.
    I am happy in having you as daughter-in-law, really you is a special woman.
    My son and my grandson are privileged in you it the side of them.
    Kiss in this heart.
    Aunt Ruth or mother-in-law

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