I’m around!

I have been gone for a while because my son got sick for about 3 weeks… On the week of February 8th he started with diarrhea. That was shortly followed by vomiting, which made this super high energy boy turn into this scared and lethargic kid. I kept in touch with his doctors office, and they kept telling me it was a stomach bug going around. On February 19th he came home barely walking. My husband and I took him to the emergency room, and he threw up really badly on the way to the hospital. Once we got there he looked a bit more comfortable, and ate 6 crackers. Once again the doctor told us that this was a very strong bug that had been sending many kids to the hospital.

I know it is very normal for kids to get sick, and Kaiden does get the occasional cold. But in almost 3 years of this kid’s life he’s never been broken down by any diseases. Typically we find out he has a temperature when changing his diapers because you feel the hot legs. Even then he’s never had a fever higher than 102… I have been really blessed, and I’m very thankful that he is such a healthy kid. But over the weekend he showed no real improvement, so I was back to the doctor’s office Monday night. It was not his pediatrician, we took him to a place in the same hospital we took him to the emergency room because they have late night appointments. He was seen by two doctors that thought he looked very thin, that his belly looked huge, and that they suspected celiac syndrome…

Ok, back to Kaiden being so healthy… He had only been to the pediatrician for shots, and the regular check up. When we moved to Franklin last year he saw his new pediatrician only once, because I set up an appointment for them to meet. He had not seen him in over a year. So I was finally able to take him to see his doctor… and everything changed for the better! For all of you that are mothers or that have contact with small kids you know how fast, and how drastically they change overnight. Kaiden’s doctor is also a father of a boy about the same age, that actually has weight issues. He is very calm, very knowledgeable, and took the time to explain all that was going on.

On the weight issue, he showed me on the chart (what I already knew cause he’s my son) that Kaiden has always been on the 50% percentile for height and weight. He is a picky eater, but he’s always been what I call very “squeeeeezable” , and one could see no bones. Apparently sometime in the past few months he jumped from the 50% percentile in height to the 80%, although his weight remained the same. I am a very lean person, and the shortest in my family at 5′-6″, and 113 pounds. My husband is very tall (6′-3″), and he is the only one in his family with tendency to gain weight. Kaiden has two aunts that are 5′-10″, one that is 6′-2″, and an uncle that is also 6′-3″. So my little guy’s body is defining itself like most of the family, tall and lean. The doctor also cut in half the amount of milk he consumes, and for the first time in his life he is willing to eat, and boy has he been eating…

Sooo, besides not sleeping, not eating, working like crazy, washing mountains of puked and pooped up laundry, running to hospitals and doctor’s offices, and having a clingy kid attached to my hips in the past 3 weeks, I did not do much else… well, there is the possibility of buying a home, but this is another post altogether…

I’m around, will still work on more pattern reviews and hopefully tutorials, and of course the podcast. I hope all of you have had a more peaceful last few weeks!


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  1. Marcelli (I hope I am spelling your name right). I can’t find your e-mail contact on the blog here. Can you send me a comment with your e-mail on my blog (it looks like I am signed in already) or send me an e-mail back, or leave a comment here?

    I found your podcast a while ago but I didn’t listen to it until recently because I heard you were hurt and I didn’t want to pressure you or anything so I was waiting until you were able to come back to start with your podcast. Eventually I couldn’t wait anymore. Good show so far!

    Anyway, I need to e-mail you about something so please respond as soon as you can via comment or e-mail.

    That is if you’re not: “Sooo, besides not sleeping, not eating, working like crazy, washing mountains of puked and pooped up laundry, running to hospitals and doctor’s offices, and having a clingy kid attached to my hips” too much. – Darla

  2. I just stopped to see what you have been up to, and I’m so sorry to read about your son’s illness. I hope everything is on the mend—take care and we’ll be looking for your next blog/podcast, jill

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