Moda ABC Book & ABC Game “Tutorial”

ABC Book

I have tutorial in quotation because this is a really simple item, there’s really not much to it, but I thought it would be interesting for people to see the different options. During the holidays I stopped by my LQS to take a look a samples for the upcoming classes, and I saw on the wall these cute ABC panels from Moda.

 Having a 2 and half year old son, and a 3 year old niece I just had to have both pieces. One of the girls at the shop told me I could make a book with it (that’s when I noticed the cover and the back), and that there is a pattern “somewhere”. I hit the internet when I got home, and “found” the wonderful Moda Bakeshop website. They do have a (legit) tutorial for how to make an ABC book, with clear pictures and a downloadable pdf. But they use the letters from the big “I love you” panel, and not the one I had just purchased… The main difference is that those letters are about 4″ square, so that you have enough space around the charm square to apply the letter with the decorative stitch. I also thought it would be too wasteful to cut the frame around the letters in order to use them in that application. I also started to think how I would use the “book” with my son, and how my niece would use hers. In order to keep bulk down the letters are placed back to back, well… like pages in a book! But knowing my son, and the fact that once he saw the metal ring the first thing he would do would be try to open it, and scatter all the letters around, I thought that having them as tiles that we could shuffled, and then rearranged (like a game) could be more interesting to him. On the other hand I can envision my niece sitting down quietly looking at the letters, and the idea of the pink book is a very cute one. This is also a wonderful project to use all of the leftover pieces of batting you collect when squaring off quilts.

So, here’s how I tackled both:

 – One Moda ABC panel in pink

 – One Moda ABC panel in blue

 – (22) 6×6 squares for back of the letters in the ABC game – Decorative thread to match.

 – Leftover thin batting, (24) 6×6 pieces for the ABC game, and (13) 6×6 pieces for the ABC book.

 – (13) eyelets for the ABC book

 – Metal ring

  Cut letters along dividing lines. Don’t worry about using a rottary cutter, you will square them off later while pressing. Actually if you ever wonder what “realigning the fabric grain while pressing” meant this is a very clear example of what a misaligned grain does to the image. Don’t try to be gentle here, you have to coerce the piece into a square. It does not have to be perfect, but you can definitely improve it with a good dose of ironing.

Before ironing

After ironing

 For the ABC Game I used the squares I cut with a rottary cutter as my guide to square the letter. For the book I did some checking using a ruler.

 Lay one piece of batting, one letter right side up, and a letter or a baking wrong side up.

For the game you can choose whatever piece you want, but for the book you need to be careful to keep the letters in order. From this point on the instructions for the book are the same as in the Moda tutorial (stitch around, turn, top stitch, install eyelets.) For the game I decided to free motion around the letters. This is a great way to practice free motion skills, and it makes the letters pop. There, you have two very cute approaches to learning the ABC!  

























2 Responses

  1. Love your rendition of my tutorial from the Moda Bake Shop! Very cute!

  2. I like the tutorial. I think I will follow your book example and make one for the children at the center where I work.

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