Labor Day fun

Oh my it was a busy Labor Day weekend. I had an unfortunate early start prompted by a food poisoning episode from which I’m not fully recovered… On Friday the family headed out to Connecticut for an overnight stay so that we could go to the 2009 Woodstock Fair, in (guess what?) Woodstock. The first one was held in 1859, and apparently it’s been running every year since then.

This was good old family fun. We’re always attracted to the classic cars display. We saw this amazing Rolls Royce from 1921 that in its found state looked like this:


If I had not seen that beauty with my own eyes I would not have believed it. This is the car now:


I just love the details that go into these cars. It does not get any better than a Rolls either…


This is jewelry!


My little guy had a ton of fun. He saw all sorts of animals, got to feed and pet a few of them, and fell in love with the bunnies.


One of the highlights of the day for him was to go in his first roller coaster ride! The kid is fearless (to my despair). I took him once, and my husband took him a second time. He giggled the entire ride. Can one say “Happy Kid” ?



There where a few quilts… I should have taken pictures… I think the heat and the exhaustion fried my brain. After 8 hours of fair none of us had anything left. We rode the ferris wheel, drove home, and crashed!



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