I won! And back to blogging…

When I started the blog I thought it would only be a place to post the podcast. But I don’t talk about my projects and FO’s on the show, first because there’s no time, second because that was not the format I had in mind. So I think blogging is the way to go. I have soooo much to share both in the sewing machine front, and the quilting (and some knitting), and my web adventures I’ll try to catch up in the upcoming posts. I want to review some of the patterns and techniques I experience with, and talk about the best machines for the job.

So yesterday I learned that I WON (do a happy dance) the Accent Wars competition in QN. Well, I had a tie for first place for best accent, but won for prettiest voice! I had a good laugh about it, I don’t think my voice is pretty at all, but getting bragging rights from a QN competition??? Priceless!

Work is going great for episode 3, and I’m waiting for a few interview requests. I also want to start developing the vintage machine portion of the show, and still deciding the best way to do it. Comments have been very helpful, so please keep them coming, as well as topics one want to hear on the show. 

The only sad thing is that summer is comming to a end. We’ve been cheated this season here in New England, although my family and I enjoyed tremendously visiting many wonderful sites in the area.

Kaiden and ducks

There’s a lot of beauty around here, and Kaiden got to experience a great deal of it. Next summer he’ll have even more things available to him since he’ll be (gasp) 3 year old! I just need to learn to like winter activities so that I can survive the cold with a toddler that is totally an outdoor type of person. Any suggestions?


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