I also won…

Oh my! That was weird (in a very good way). Back in February I made a donation to Craftlit. By now it’s clear to every one how much I love this show. I also like to let the episodes accumulate, so that I don’t have to wait to know what’s going to happen. If I get too anxious about a story I end up going to Librivox, then the narrator is not good, and I get  frustrated.

Well, I finally decided to listen to the Scarlet Letter. I think I was listening to episode 2 or 3 when Heather started to talk about the incentive from February, and how long it took to pick the winner, and how she was going to butcher the name, and it was “Marceli from Massachusetts”. Well, she said my name perfectly, and I don’t know that many Marceli’s, let alone from Massachusetts. Actually I don’t know any Marceli at all in person, only online. The incentive was a skein of hand spun, hand dyed, 50/50 merino wool and silk! I was screaming inside (I was listening at work), because when I donated was the month that I moved, so Paypal had the wrong address. After much back and forth I get in the mail a package with one of the most beautiful skeins I’ve ever seen:



I “cuddled” with it for a long while… The artist behind this beautiful creation is Debbi Marr, and you can find her amazing skeins (and anything fiber) at her Esty shop Under the Plum (even her store has a yummy name). Now I just have to find the perfect pattern to turn this baby into something stunning!


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