Podcast Promo is out and another Zoo!

The promo for the blog is finally out there. Brye Lynn from Sew Stitch Create (and thank you much) was the first one to play it. I will release it on the 31st of July, and I failed to mention that when I sent the file… This whole podcasting thing is tough. I keep re-recording things because it never seems good enough, so I gave myself a deadline so I have to force myself to finish. I know it will never be perfect, but at least I want the piece of mind I tried my best. So if anyone stops by looking for a podcast, please bear with me, it is coming!

I you’re in the New England area and have kids, specially small ones I know what a challenge it is to find nice places that are family friendly and interesting enough for both children and adults. So I have been doing some online research and found some great places already. On Saturday I took my son the Capron Park Zoo in Attleboro. I read a review saying that although small they more than compensate for it with a nice selection of animals and very nice set ups for the displays. This review was super accurate. The place is absolutely gorgeous, with scenic views that include a little lake with two little islands (one on each side) where you walk though a  bridge to see the animals. They were not caged (well they have the water), and ducks swimming.


A  cool thing is that they have feeding stations where for a quarter you get a hand full of food that are appropriate for the animals. For the petting zoo they had not one, but two llamas! As a knitter I was beyond myself with excitement.P1010045


All of their animals look so pretty and clean and healthy, and interestingly enough out of all the cages there was only one that smelled like a zoo. There was no bad odors anywhere! The cages looked like were designed by an interior decorator and a landscaper (which I’m sure they were). The place is sponsored by Coca-Cola and McDonalds, which explains how they are able to keep the place so well charging only 5.50 for adults (3.75 if you’re a resident) and around 3 bucks for kids. For a family of 4 or 5 (or bigger) a lot more palatable than the almost 20 bucks you have to pay in places in Boston. They also have a nice water park area for the kids to cool down, although my son had no desire of getting wet…



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  1. The Capron zoo is also near a HUGE playground that is super fun and a great place to picnic. And, if you are a ZooNewEngland member ($60 /year for family membership), you get in for free. 🙂

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