Hard times and podcast prep

Just today I noticed that one of my favorite Administrative Assistants was missing… which nowadays means she has been laid off. My firm, like all business in this country, has been hit by the financial crisis, although we have been blessed so far comparing to what happened to other architectural firms. I’ve heard horror stories of firms going from almost 200 people down to 50. We’ve had two rounds of lay-offs so far. The first one hit 12 people, and the second one 22.

This girl was a beginner knitter, and she would often stop by to ask tips. I taught her how to block, and was going to show her my Laminaria today when I realized I have not seen her at the front desk in a while. My office is divided into studios, mine being on the third floor and she worked on the fourth. But AA’s take turn working at the front desk covering for the main receptionist, so many times during the week when I was leaving to go home we would chat about our current projects.

I feel like people are disappearing from this place like I’m on an X-Files episode… I had been optimistic until the second round of lay-offs. Now I’m concerned and a bit scared. Times are definitely hard.

 There’s nothing like walking on someone else’s shoes. Now that I trying to put together my own blog and podcast I can see first-hand the incredible amount of work that goes into it. It really makes me appreciate my favorite ones even more. It all looks so naturally put together, the pages flow, and all the information I need seems to magically appear exactly where I thought it would be… Hard, hard, hard work! I hope I can live up to them. Right now I am completely overwhelmed with posting pictures, learning about RSS feed, and other feeds, and Delicious, Bliptv, WordPress. 

I did manage to record the promo, and most of the main segment of episode 1. I lost count how many times I had to stop and do it again. It is amazing how my ideas seem so clear and connected, but the minute I hit the record button I turn into a babbling creature with nothing intelligent to say… I hope it gets better, because if my recording sessions will be like the ones on Saturday it will take me 6 months to put an episode together!

Despite all of the “work” the weekend was awesome, the weather perfect, and this is the image I’ll have on my mind this week (after blueberry picking all Sunday morning):

The Belkin Lookout Farm, Natick, MA

The Belkin Lookout Farm, Natick, MA


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