Long weekend and back on track

The long weekend was really a blessing. Finally the weather gave signs it is indeed summer, but the breeze kept things at a tolerable level. We took the chance to go to the Southwick Zoo http://www.southwickszoo.com/ in Mendon, MA and we were not disappointed. Kaiden got to see live his favorite animal: the elephant! Until then he only saw the one in the Sesame Street show, and the real ones on the Discovery Channel. I could tell he was confused, in awe, and a bit overwhelmed.  Dondi, the 35 year old female elephant, put out a very entertaining show, but she scared the b’Jesus out of the boy with her lion impersonation!

Dondi's show

Dondi's show


On the quilting side of things I was able to take pictures of my two complete blocks of the Calendar Quilt (by Sonja Moen and Vicki Oehlke for Willowberry) that I’m making as a BOM. This is a hand-piecing project that I will talk about in more detail soon. I also picked up the second batch of fabric from my local quilt shop.

Very cute folder to hold the patterns

Very cute folder to hold the patterns

First and Second Months blocks on the desing wall

First and Second Months blocks on the design wall

 On the knitting side I am almost done sewing the Alpine shrug together, but I have to say despite the fact it looks cute in the pictures and the yarn is lovely in color and texture I really don’t like bulky yarn… I’ll try to finish tonight to post pictures.

I’m still in the process of getting permissions to use content in the podcast, and this is turning to be a very difficult thing. My requests for contributions are out there, but realistically who will take the time to talk to an unknown host for a non-existent podcast? I’ll press on, and will record something this weekend no matter what!


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