Sick Day :-(

Today I did not go to work because the minute I got up I felt pretty nauseated. I ran to the bathroom, sat on the floor and had some anti acid. Pretty weird. So I thought it would be more prudent to stay home and see if I get worse or better. 

I hate sick days, they are such a waste of my time-off days. I’m home, but there not much I can do if I feel like I’m going to throw up at any second… Bummer!

 Well I wrote the two paragraphs above in the morning. In the afternoon I was feeling fine, like nothing happened. I contemplated going to work, but was concerned about feeling bad again. So I stayed home with my mom who is visiting us from Brazil. It turned out to be a pretty productive day from a craft perspective. I had blocked the Alpine Shrug the day before, and have sewn it almost all together.

On the blocking board!
On the blocking board!

I also finished the “It’s a Snap!” quilt top, and will be posting pictures soon. I will give a full review of the projects as soon as I have the final pictures.

Laying out on the floor

Laying out on the floor

 I was also able to take pictures of some of my sewing machines, and update both my Flickr and Webshots galleries.

My favorite baby! For more on my beautiful machines check out my Frickr and Webshots galleries!

My favorite baby!

 I have more pictures of my collection at work. They are very photogenic! I did a lot of work on the blog, as I am trying to get used to the capabilities of WordPress. I ‘m not sure about the final look for this blog, but just having all this information in one place has been really exciting. If no one else looks at this blog ever (well I hope that this not happen) it is still worth having it for my own organizational sake.


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