Laminaria is blocked!


Since I got my blog yesterday I felt like doing something special, so I finally took the courage to block Laminaria. I finished knitting this piece many months ago, but despite the fact that I did not have a surface big enough to block it I was a bit apprehensive since this is my first big lace project.


The knitting itself was actually very uneventful, the pattern is really well written, and I made sure to use markers whenever I could. Since I mostly knit while commuting I thought it would be very difficult following a lace pattern, but it turns out that once I’m “in the zone” I can knit anywhere. I took some time to find the yarn, but the Evila was worth the time (and money). Interestingly that the shipping was about the same price of the yarn…


I was able to get a big foam core board from my job, and I wrapped it with two towels. The photo of the blocked piece looks funny because of the red towel.  I am not happy with the final pictures, but since I wanted to put the project on my Ravelry and on the blog today the ones I have will do for now. I only have to finish the two pieces of yarn from the cast on and the cast off. The way the weather in New England has been I will be able to wear it this week! Overall I love how it turned out and think I might knit another one.


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